Saturday, September 12, 2009

Devil Tequila!

I went to a very good party last night. And as I sit here this morning, alternating sips of coffee with chugs of water, I reflect on the easiest margarita recipe that I've ever (drank) heard of.

Let me set the scene - I drove to Northfield last night to spend some time with a dear friend. We went to another party where grilled burgers and beer were the agenda. And then this guy named Todd showed up with a plastic grocery bag in hand ... in the bag he had a bottle of Jose Cuervo, a couple cans of frozen limeade and a pitcher. Here is Todd's ridiculously easy margarita recipe ... I will drink these again, but not until my stomach decides that it likes me again.

Todd's Ridiculously Easy Margaritas
by some guy named Todd

Equipment needed - standard sized pitcher
1 can frozen limeade
1 can beer (Corona is pretty darn tasty ...)

Dump the limeade into the pitcher and rinse that puppy out by filling the can with tequila. Then dump in a beer. Adjust to taste (i.e. - for the first pitcher you're probably going to want to add more beer or even Sprite because this is a pretty strong mix. After that - well ... )

Word to the wise ... this recipe will sneak up on even the most veteran drinker. Drink responsibly. And if you've ever had any acid reflux problems, you might want to avoid this entirely.


Kelsey B. said...

LOL! I LOVE a good margherita, and I guess the aftermath is the price we all have to pay. :)

Karine said...

Oh yeah! Marguarita! :)

Great recipe :)