Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm back ... kind of (Cacio e Pepe)

The cooking bug has yet to really return to me, so when I found myself seduced by a recipe this morning - I wasn't too surprised that it reminded me of comfort food from my childhood.  Cacio e Pepe is simply what the title translates to: Pasta with cheese and pepper.  It made me think of being a kid and the times my mom would make the simplest - but tastiest - dish ... boiled elbow macaroni with melted butter, a little bit of milk splashed in and plenty of salt and pepper.


I found this recipe at Ezra Pound Cake and tweaked the ingredients to serve one. 


Cathy Wheeler said...

Looks yummy Shelley! My pasta maker is in the mail!

jen.moore.mn said...

I haven't had this is years...now I know what I'm going to throw together for a quick lunch!