Monday, February 2, 2009

Fear Conquered: Brussel Sprouts

When I think of brussel sprouts, I think of the pickled ones that I can find for my Bloody Mary at Whistle Binkies. Pickled brussel sprouts are awesome, tart and something I probably wouldn't eat outside of my Bloody Mary.

Well, I recently made a roasted vegetable dish that required the usage of brussel sprouts. Here's a bit of background from Wikipedia:

"The Brussels (or brussels) sprout (Brassica oleracea Gemmifera Group) of the Brassicaceae family, is a Cultivar group of wild cabbage cultivated for its small (typically 2.5–4 cm or 1–1.5 in diameter) leafy green buds, which resemble miniature cabbages."

This entry also taught me that my spelling of brussel sprouts is wrong. Anyway ... they are quite tasty. I bought about a pound, halved the ones that were larger than miniature cabbages and roasted them with olive oil. Very tasty. Ryan even ate them without complaint.

Brussels sprouts - you are a fear conquered!

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Erin Alberty said...

I had some amazing BS in cream this weekend at a restaurant in a mountain yurt that you have to hike or ski to reach. I wish I knew what was in the goop.