Saturday, December 19, 2009

Turkey Dressing Sandwiches: One Fugly Looking Dish

When I made Michael Chiarello's Citrus Roasted Turkey pre-Thanksgiving, I really had one end-goal in mind: I'd be making a dish from my childhood that reminded me of Saturday's spent at my grandpa's auctions and utilized two classic elements from a basic turkey dinner - bird and stuffing. 

My grandpa Stan was an auctioneer in Northeast Iowa and when I got old enough to not be a total nuisance, many of my weekends were spent in opera houses, farmsteads and at homes, watching as my grandpa and his auctioneer partners called the auctions.  Grandpa's been gone for a few years now but I can hear his singsong voice - a little abraded by the Camel non-filters that he preferred but never tiring as he'd point to the spectators in the crowd and tracked the bids.  There was always something exciting about when a bid would conclude: "Twenty-nine and a HALF!"  I am grinning just remembering my grandpa's voice and seeing him on the auction wagon, his white hat on his head at an inimitable angle.  My grandpa could really wear a hat.

So while my grandpa never made turkey dressing sandwiches (he was in charge of the ham at Easter time), the food wagons at his auctions always stocked these delicacies that seem synonymous to me with the Midwest and fall afternoons spent at auction.  Upon making the recipe, I found it's a rather simple one - leftover turkey, a bag of sage and onion dressing, lots of celery, a big 'ol onion and some chicken or turkey stock.  I also rediscovered that turkey dressing sandwiches are pretty damn ugly looking and that they are up there as one of my husband's favorite foods.   It looks like nostalgia will turn into a regular occurrence at my house. :)

Turkey Dressing Sandwiches
adapted from

Bake turkey; take off bone (it will string).
In saucepan, combine: 10 c. chicken or turkey brother with lots of chopped celery (used 4 stalks) and onion (used 1 large).

Boil for 15 minutes. Put turkey bits in a large roaster. Put 1 large bag Brownberry sage and onion stuffing mix on top of turkey. Pour broth on top. Bake at 350 degrees until heated through. Stir while heating, making sure it is moist. You may have to add more broth. Serve on buns.

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