Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gloria's Cinnamon Popcorn

I've already expounded on the theorem that my mother-in-law perfected recipes in an attempt to secure her daughters-in-law.  (And it worked - both of her sons are married.  Good work Gloria!)  Well, here it is ... this is the snack that she always sent home with my then-buddy, future roommate and now hubby, when he would go home to visit his folks in Dubuque, Iowa.

My mouth is watering just looking at this dish of perfection.  And I wonder where I put that extra bag of cinnamon red hots ... hrm ... Must.  Find.  Red Hot Candies.

Cinnamon Popcorn

2 sticks butter
½ c. light corn syrup
1 9 oz. package of red-hot candies
8 quarts popped popcorn

Spray pans, bowls, and utensils with baking spray.  I use an air popper to pop the corn - you can also use a stovetop method.  Place popped corn in large roaster that's been coated thoroughly with baking spray. 

In a saucepan, combine butter, corn syrup and the red hots.  Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly.  Boil 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Pour over popcorn and mix thoroughly.  My mother-in-law turns hers onto two cookie sheets, I actually just leave it in the roaster.  Bake 250 for 1 hour-stirring every 15 minutes.  Remove from pans (or roaster) and place on waxed paper to cool.  Break apart. Store in airtight container or plastic bag.

Wash the pans and utensils immediately when baked or the corn syrup mixture will harden and be very hard to get off.

I originally made this recipe for some of my coworkers at Christmas.  Pretty darn festive, if you ask me ... but it truly is good at any time of the year.  Because it's addictive as all get out.


Brenda said...

I think this might make a nice Valentines Day treat...our next red hot holiday! Can't wait to try this recipe and from the sounds of it I should send some home with Angie's boyfriend ;-)

Karen said...

Even though this has instructions to "stir constantly," which is against one of my rules in cooking ... this looks delicious! ;) Maybe I can hire a babysitter while I stir ... I don't think I want to tempt fate and burn red hots!