Friday, May 20, 2011

And the winner is ...

My dear friend Anne Polta! 

Here was Anne's "mom" advice that was shared on the ShelleyBakes page on Facebook:

"My favorite mom story? Hm. One of her pieces of advice was 'never buy chicken on Monday.' When I attended Linda's bridal shower several years ago, we were asked to share advice from our mothers, so that's what I shared... and everyone was just screaming with laughter. But guess what... I do not buy chicken on Monday, ever."

Just a little side note ... I've known Anne since I worked as a rookie reporter in Willmar and she is very dear to me.  Not only did she put up with me when I was a young(er) punk, she is also my beloved cat's "godmother" of sorts.  Ten years ago when the Cat came into my life, she's the person I turned to for advice.  She is a great mom to kids of the four-legged variety. :)

AND ... she's a blogger.  You can find her blog "HealthBeat" here.

Thanks to all who commented! I really appreciate it!

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