Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Better than a milk carton ...

I have been cooking, I swear.  I've made this.  I made this - wasn't too impressed with it, so I'm still tinkering.  I've made this.  That was on Mother's Day when my folks came up ... aside from having to tell them that the title of the recipe included the word "naked," I think they were a hit. 

But I've been busy.  There's a new job to acclimate to.  Stuff to plant.  Heatwaves to endure.  (From high 50s one week to 84 degrees and humidity the next, yeow!)  Wine tastings to attend ...

Ryan and I attended a wine tasting a couple weeks back that supported the Rochester Paws and Claws.  One of my dear friends is very active with the organization and they hosted a wine tasting to raise funds for a capital projects.  They are also selling wine as a part of that effort.

What's that you say?  This cat looks familiar to you?  Some of you have had close encounters with him?  Why YES!  That's our cat!  On a wine label.  (Which is much better than being on a milk carton, but I digress.)

Needless to say - Ryan and I are kind of thrilled to find out cat on a wine bottle.  For my Rochester peeps who would like to be similarly blessed, but without the claws - you can find Fat Cat Merlot at Andy's Liquor.  I got mine at the north location near Whistle Binkies North.  Fat Cat wasn't out at the time, but when I asked the gentleman if there was any in back, he recognized my voice from the frantic phone calls I had made and brought me out some.  So do not fear asking for the Fat Cat.  There's also labels for you dog lovers and white wines for those of you who do not like reds.

In terms of the Cat, he was thinking about a career in modeling, but when I reminded him that he would need to be sociable and nice to people other than his parents, he was content to let this be a one-time thing.

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