Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just random thoughts ...

I've been reading a lot lately.  A lot ... and it is good:

Reading "The Mists of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley.  Some magazine columnist had talked about how this book had transformed her life ... kind of like the first time that I discovered the Harry Potter books.  I'm not feeling "transformed" yet, but I've been having this weird sense of deja vu.  And that's when I remembered that one of the cable networks (TNT, I believe?) had adapted this book into a mini-series that I've watched.  And enjoyed.  So ... that works.

I've been OBSESSED with the books of JT Ellison lately ... she writes the Taylor Jackson series of murder mysteries and I've actually exchanged a few tweets with Ms. Ellison.  She's a solid writer.

"True Blood" is back and I just finished the latest book in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris - "Dead Reckoning."  Although I love the TV series (ahem, Alexander Skarsgard), I'm kind of an ornery purist when it comes to the books and I wish that Alan Ball was a little more faithful to the books.  Then again, he gave me Alex Skarsgard.  I guess I can't be too ungrateful.

I have Steig Larsson's book "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" and I want to see if I'll get sucked into that like everyone else in America.  I also have Stephen King's latest story anthology to start reading ...  thank God for the public library. 

So now you know what I've been doing instead of cooking lately. :)


Deb said...

I'm reading A Million Little James Frey. Ugh. I'm not into it. The first 60-70 pages were it's just dragging. I can't really relate to it...besides being in Minnesota. So I've also gone back to my 15-16th century England books. :)
BUT the Sookie Stackhouse books and The Girl books are on my list to start, and I'm SURE I'll like them - ya know, because I can relate to vampires and excessive violence more than I can smoking crack. :)

Julie_M said...

I have Girl with the Dragon Tattoo waiting for me on my Nook, but I feel compelled to finish my stash of real-paper books first. Ah, maybe this holiday weekend I should forget the rules and start the Dragon.