Sunday, February 26, 2012

Almond, Dried Cherry & Vanilla Granola

Confession that will not surprise anyone who knows me:  I talk to myself.  Frequently.  And now that I'm preggo, I like to think that my kid is sharing in on these conversations, but if that's true - the kid is going to think that Mom is a nutter.

Today I talked myself into making some homemade granola.  Nah - it wasn't too much of a mental battle.

Vanilla bean Greek yogurt with fresh raspberries and homemade granola. Makes me a happy camper.
This recipe comes from the wonderful Dragon who published this last winter.  My only modification on what could rightfully be called perfection is that instead of dried cherries, I use a dried berry medley from Trader Joe's.


Amanda said...

Great photography!

Laurie said...

You're precious babe will know the sound of your voice! Think of it as "pre-reading". (and the granola looks delish!)

Angry Asian said...

you are not a nutter! your usual internal monologue is now a dialogue between you and your babe.

congrats, btw!!!