Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Roundup!

Confession:  The Husband and I already celebrated Valentine's Day.  We hate crowds and we love Indian food, so we decided to head to our favorite spot on Sunday and celebrate the holiday, curry-style.  For the big day, I'm either going to make his mama's BBQ Meatballs or spring for a heart-shaped pizza.

That's tomorrow.  I'm not known for planning ahead.

But since I will plan for the rest of you - here are some Valentine's Day ideas from the archives.  I've listed some entrees and dessert, because V-Day doesn't scream salad to me.

The Pioneer Woman's Fancy Macaroni - that's right, bacon on top.  Bacon = love.

Pastitsio - known as Greek lasagna.  Also known as love in a pan!
Stuffed Chicken Breasts - this was a ShelleyBakes original, thought up for a friend of mine who wanted to woo a woman.

This is Giada's Farmer's Pasta - yeah, somehow in my mind I equate pasta to romance.  All I know is that this dish is goood ...

Chocolate Cherry Cake - love doesn't need to be complicated.  This cake is not - it's a cake mix and cherry pie filling.  Absolute decadence with limited amount of steps.
Again - convenience ingredients can lead to decadence ... this chocolate peanut butter cookie pizza is brilliant.
This is a little bit more time consuming, but well worth the effort - Italian Cream Cake.

Confession:  Ina and Jeffrey Garten might be one of my favorite couples on television.  I sometimes tell Ryan that he's my Jeffrey and he just rolls his eyes at me. (True love, I say!)  This is Ina's recipe for Beatty's Chocolate Cake.  And yes, it tastes as good as it looks.
And for those of you who could care less about the holiday and think it's a sham that was thought up by the Hallmark company.  This recipe is for you:
I made these cookies for my co-workers in the estimating department last year.  They were charmed.  And touched.  And they loved it.  I don't know what that says about them.  Or me.
Whether you're snarky or sappy - I wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day.


Tara Meissner said...

Hey Shelley,

We are actually going to a love-themed foodie potluck on Friday night. Thanks for the tips.


And your salad doesn't scream valentines day comment made me literally lol.

Laurie Byrne said...

Several recipes here that I need to try! Tonight's Valentine dinner is already planned ~ Salmon, asparagus, salad (OH no!). Finishing off with heart shaped brownies topped with ice cream and homemade fudge sauce. It's not a lo-cal night. :)