Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Up on the soap box ...

OK - so I'm up on my soap box again. If you are offended by my outspoken, unabashed acceptance of gay couples to marry - stop reading.  Now. 


My heart aches for people in North Carolina.  And not because North Carolina is currently the site of why "it's a great idea to let only straight people get married" (yeah - John Edwards, I'm looking at you ... ), but because of last night's election where North Carolinans voted on an amendment to strengthen the state's gay marriage ban.  Which already existed, mind you ... but let's waste taxpayers' dollars beating a dead horse, why don't we?

Yes - the people spoke.  And yes - here I am ranting and pissed off as hell because the vote didn't go "my" way. 

So why am I writing this?  Because in November, Minnesotans are going to be voting on the same damn issue and I will be DAMNED if I don't expend my energy fighting for a cause that is dear to me and to so many of my friends who are patiently waiting for the human right / rite of marriage.

My initial morning depression over North Carolina was briefly abated with George Takei posted a nugget on his Facebook that had this slogan:  "North Carolina.  Where you can marry your cousin.  But not your gay cousin."

And then I was inspired by some words that my dear friend Meg wrote:  "Denying gays and lesbians the right to marry or even have civil unions does not mean we will cease to be gay, or live together, or make families together, or love one another. We will keep doing that. And we will keep being good neighbors, and paying our taxes, and showing up for work, and for church, and for opportunities to serve those around us. Because we're all people- intrinsically the same. And some day, not too far off, we will all be ashamed at the petty things we chose to focus on when there are so many things in the world that really do threaten our homes and our families and our fellows."

And then I just got pissed off when I saw this blog post from a food blog that I follow.  If you worry that a picture of a happily married gay couple might fracture your precarious straight relationship, I wouldn't click on the link that I posted.  Because the sight of two men in love is just ... what?  Earth shattering? 

For those of you in Minnesota who want to know how to get involved and the issues surrounding the "Vote No" campaign, please visit Minnesotans United for All Families.  They can be found here.


Deb said...

Last night I was watching a show with my daughter in which 2 men kissed...and then a few scenes later, 2 women kissed. And nothing was said by her...or me. I was almost going to make a comment to her about how sweet it is that 2 people are in love, but then realized I didn't even have to do that because it's not weird for her to see that. It was totally normal. She's more grossed out when her dad and I kiss. :)

Tim said...

Shelley! This is good. Keep fighting the good fight, we'll get there eventually. This time in between is tough and frustrating, I know. xo