Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weird little gardening meditations

I had a thought the other day when I was digging around in the dirt:  When I garden, I commune with people who are no longer in my life. 

That thought became a weird little meditation and as I played with placing plants strategically around my garden, I let my thoughts drift to my late grandpa Stan and his late sister Deloris. 

As I've said - I'm an enthusiastic, albeit amateur gardener.  As it turns out - I'm also pretty damn sentimental.

I don't remember my grandpa Stan being an enthusiastic gardener, but he always had a handsome and well maintained yard and garden.  It also turns out that he had a sentimental streak:  The fern peonies in his garden had been transplanted from his mother's house.  I now have one of my great-grandma Florence's fern peonies in my own garden.

I think that my grandpa would be amused and maybe a little bemused by the haphazardness of my perennial garden and when my husband asks me "do you know where you're going to put that?" when I acquire a new plant, I can imagine my grandpa smiling and congratulating me for landing such a practical man. 

There's a good chance that my fern peony may never bloom (I've been told that I need to uproot it a bit to uncover a node that will allow it to bloom, but I'm afraid of killing the poor thing), but I'm not going to uproot it again until we move from this house.  I may not be able to grab every brick from my various garden beds, but that plant goes with me.

The next "heritage" plant came from my great-aunt Deloris's garden.

These hens and chicks were pretty tiny when my mom gave them to me a few years ago, but they've easily tripled in size. 

I'm pretty lucky when it comes to the stories that come from my garden.


Paul said...

The stone in the second pictures looks vaguely like the state of Minnesota :)

SKM said...

HA! You're right! I never saw that.

Karen said...

Lovely! I take plants with me from various houses and relatives with me, too! But when I have trouble getting some to grow in their new place, I feel bad cursing at them! ;)