Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's all about the chicken gumbo

When I worked as a journalist in Willmar, I got stuck working every other weekend as part of my job as the night reporter/cops and courts reporter.  Looking back, it was kind of a nice arrangement because every other week I would have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off and after a year or so of weekends working together, the weekend crew started to have potlucks on the Sunday evenings that we worked.  I was usually good for a dessert, the sports guys usually contributed chips and my news editor Susan would usually whip up a Crockpot full of Chicken Gumbo Sloppy Joes.

I never realized how much I would miss Susan's sloppy joes until I went about six years without having one, so I sent her a message the other day to ask for the recipe and oh man - it was like eating a little sandwich made from the clouds of Heaven.  Or in our case, some ground venison (love you dad!) and a little can of Campbell's Chicken Gumbo Soup.

This is the first time in my relationship with my husband that I've served French fries.  But they're baked, not fried.  I suck.

Chicken Gumbo Sloppy Joes
from Susan and a zillion other home cooks who got bored or bought the wrong can of Campbell's and decided that meat would make it nifty

Brown 1 pound burger with onion.

Then add 2 T. ketchup, 1 tsp mustard and 1 can Chicken Gumbo soup. Simmer a bit for it all to heat through and thicken.

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Katie said...

Great Idea. My mom used to do the nacho cheese soup. Not healthy but good!