Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Roasted Cauliflower with White Bean Citrus Salad

Here's how this went - I had a head of cauliflower that was begging for attention in my crisper drawer. (I shit you not, every time I opened up the fridge I heard voices ... "Shelley, you need to cook meeeee."  And then I would grab a beer and just shut the door.  Maybe the beer had something to do with this?)

So one morning I was trolling the blogosphere on the interwebs and I found this recipe from Michael @  It would fit two needs - 1) It would get rid of the talking, guilt-inducing cauliflower and 2) It looked like it would provide me for a relatively healthy lunch during the work week (and cut down on my Jimmy John's addiction.).

And wow - the finished product? I was not disappointed, in fact, I uttered a spontaneous "holy hell!" when I first bit into a bite of cauliflower that had been slightly flavored by the citrus vinaigrette of the bean salad.  And although Hubby and I had just had a late brunch of gut-busting scrambled eggs, I devoured the plate that I had arranged for purposes of blog photos.  This dish?  A little bit of roasted heaven.

You may find Michael's recipe here.  A couple of notes and alterations.

1) I used Great Northern Beans.  Garbanzos would almost be too dense for this dish.
2) I did not have the orange-infused olive oil mentioned by Michael.  So I zested a lemon (about 1 tsp of zest, maybe more ...) and used regular olive oil.  I also used lemon juice instead of the vinegar mentioned.

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