Sunday, June 20, 2010

Milk Bread

It took a couple of absolute fails and while I'm far from actually being excellent, I'm slowly getting over my fear of baking with yeast.

Oh yes, my friends - I am finally baking real bread.

The first recipe that I tried was one from King Arthur Flour.  It said it was foolproof and included potato flakes, but this fool could not master the recipe and I produced something that looked like one of the paver stones from my garden.  My husband gamely tried it and nearly broke a tooth.  We didn't eat the rest of that loaf.

Then I was trolling the interwebs and I found this recipe from Fork Spoon Knife.  It's called Milk Bread and it has flour, milk, sugar, salt, oil (I used olive) and yeast.  It's not the sexiest loaf of bread out there, but it has provided me with some training wheels.  It's really good fresh out of the oven with some salted butter and it provided a really decent base for Giada's Crack Cheese Garlic Bread.

But most importantly?  I'm finally baking bread!


Angry Asian said...

so very proud of you, good job!

SKM said...

Thanks Lan!

Quantum Troll said...

Excellent, nice work!
It's taken me a few months of weekly baking, but last week my loaves turned out really well for the first time.
The trick I learned was to take a small bit of dough and pull it apart. If you can make a thin, almost-transparent sheet, then it's good. Otherwise, you've kneaded too little or too much...
Another tip: rye is yummy and delicious!

Allison said...

I'm sorry to hear you didn't have luck with our "foolproof" recipe! So glad you gave yeast bread another whirl, though. If you ever need it, please feel free to contact our Baking Hotline ( by phone or email for some free advice!

SKM said...

Allison - I'll try again, no worries! You just have to understand that I am dismal at baking with yeast. :-)

Thanks for the awesome customer service!