Friday, October 17, 2008

Again, my thanks ...

... to all of you awesome folks who took a moment out of your day on Wednesday to contact me about the launch of this blog! It is sooooo appreciated by me (and by proxy, Ryan, because he sees more cooking in his future.).

Things to look forward to:
  • Sauerkraut casserole - a recipe from my buddy Bryan. I'm not sure when I'm making this, I don't think I'll get Ryan to touch it with a 12-foot pole, but my buddy Paul S. loves 'kraut as much as I do. (I'll be bringing leftovers by one of these first days, Anne - how does that sound?)
  • Potato soup - another recipe from my buddy Bryan. This recipes comes from the bad old days of college when we'd go to Cantine's house for parties and Jen would whip up a batch of chili and this potato soup recipe from our friend Lindsey's mom. If I can find any pictures from college that I can actually share - I'll get those scanned in as well.
  • Weeve's Chicken Chili - My friend The Weeve made this for me once. She gave me the recipe and of course, I lost it. So I'm in the process of getting it again so I can share with the masses.
  • A couple meatloaf recipes - One from The Weeve and one that I found by Kate Gosselin. (Jon and Kate + 8 for those of you who don't automatically gasp when I mention the saintly Kate G.)

I'll be on vacation over the next week and I'm looking forward to whipping up some new recipes. I'll keep you posted.

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