Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A culinary mishap ...

... That will eventually benefit all of you!

OK - so for my upcoming wedding, we will be having a "candy buffet." It's something I saw at a wedding Ryan and I attended - the couple had a table with all sorts of candy for people to nosh on during the wedding dance. (My favorite part were the Twizzlers that they had stood up in a vase.)

Inspired, I decided to do something similar. So, I went online and found some clear plastic bags to put candy in ... And I thought the bags were small, but yeah - I was wrong. They could fit a loaf of banana bread. And I have about 400 of them. They will be perfect for packaging my Christmas goodies ... for the next dozen years.


Deb said...

Aw...too bad. I like the idea though! Is there any way to cut them?

SK said...

I ordered smaller ones ... you could cut these, but it would look really strange. :) So ... do you have any need for large plastic bags?