Friday, July 9, 2010


I finally have a source for free range eggs:  My co-worker Greg.  These are his eggs.

In today's delivery, Greg decided it would be awesome if he took a Sharpie and wrote on the eggs.  As his marketing guru, I think it's equal parts frightening (what the hell is that Sharpie ink going to do when I hardboil my morning egg?) and fracking hilarious.  (**UPDATE** According to the henmaster himself, he's using a food-safe ink on his "wise cracks."  EXCELLENT!)

Here's a sampling of Greg's wit and wisdom ... "Liquid Chicken Enclosed"; "Am I in Mazeppa?" (that's where Greg's from - where my precious liquid chickens come from) and other odd little endearing things.  Still not sure where "Trout" comes from.

My favorite egg is the one on the very left.  You can't see the whole message, but here's what it says: "Your frying pan is hot!"

Oh how I love my grEGGs.  We're working on marketing as we speak.  In the meantime, my beloved Rochester peeps - I might be able to score you some eggs - I need to talk to the Henmaster himself though to find out what the production sked is.

P.S. - In case you're wondering why some off the eggs have smeared ink, Greg found out that it's easier to write on an egg when it's warm from the chicken.  Not cold.  Didn't know that until today.


Greg said...

I'm not sure of the toxicity of a Sharpie pen, but I wanted to assure ya'll that I don't use Sharpies on my eggs.

I recently worked out a fabulous deal with a food-safe (water based) pen manufacturer out of California. That is why some of the eggs are 'streaking' (not in the nekked sense)!

Happy baking!

Greg said...

FYI: The 'Trout' comes from pure hope and zealousness. I live by a trout stream, so I was hoping that the trout gods would hear of my egg sacrifices, and would grant me some fishing luck!

So far, they spit on my request; it rained the day I was supposed to go fishing. Perhaps I'll stick to chickens, as I'm in pretty good with the chicken gods...