Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tomato Cucumber Salad

This recipe doesn't really need any kind of introduction - it's the kind of dish that celebrates seasonal ingredients and stands on its own.  (And it's the kind of dish that I dream of come winter when cucumbers and tomatoes are available, but so incredibly pathetic ...)

Tomato Cucumber Salad
by ShelleyBakes! And an amalgam of about a dozen different recipes I've drooled at over the years

2 medium cucumbers, sliced
1 large tomato, cut into wedges
1/2 C of those little mozzarella pearls that you can find in the store
Fresh basil (to your taste - I didn't have very much, would definitely add more)
Kosher salt
Freshly ground pepper

Toss ingredients with Simple Balsamic Vinagarette dressing.  Let sit for about 45 minutes to an hour to let the flavors meld together.

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