Friday, May 1, 2009

Living out of my pantry

Thankfully, I have a few recipes stockpiled in the ShelleyBakes archives that will get me through the next couple of weeks. Why is that? Am I going on some sort of vacation? Am I taking a blogging hiatus? Oh dear friends - my vacations are sadly few and I love blogging too much to give it up for a bit (I was going to Twitter though the wedding but thought that Ryan would kill me).

As some of you are aware, I run another blog called and while I'm usually able to keep my blogging worlds apart, I've made a decision for the month of May that my pantry has gotten out of hand and that I'm not buying more groceries until I've made a dent in my vast amount of dried beans, pasta, cans of soup, frozen deer steaks, frozen leftover pork from wedding, etc. (Of course, I bought some wonton wrappers last night - it was April 30 and Heidi Swanson had a recipe for these awesome looking pea-pastries!) So far, I have recipes that are going out to May 13th, but after that you can look forward to a guest post from my friend Lindsey who shared pictures and recipes from her awesome Easter dinner and maybe I'll actually make something awesome from the hodge podge of food that I have lurking in my kitchen. :)

Wish me luck! My "living out of the pantry" test is part of a larger experiment where I'm giving up frivolous spending for the month of May. I bought coffee this morning - I strive to be a more frugal person, but give me coffee or give me death!


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Dragon said...

Good luck! I can't wait to see what you come up with.