Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Food Review: Mac and Cheese Pizza

Lunchtime found me hungry today and pondering my various options for good eating. I thought about sushi, but decided I didn't want to spend that much money. Then I remembered I would be working at the cab company tonight and since that cuts into time spent with my beloved Ryan, I decided to call him and ask if he wanted to go to Mr. Pizza North for their slice special. The lunch special used to be $5 for two slices and a soda, but according to today's bill, they raised their prices a bit. But that's OK - the pizza is still good, the service is still friendly and it's Mr. Pizza - home of Sharon's Favorite.

On today's menu, MPN featured their pepperoni pizza, the bacon cheeseburger and their new mac 'n cheese pizza. Of course, Ryan and I had to try it.

Verdict: Very interesting - they had some sort of garlic butter on the crust (which was hand-tossed), had cooked elbow macaroni sprinkled on top and then topped with cheddar cheese, butter and bread crumbs ... I think.

I couldn't eat a whole pizza and I found myself wishing for ketchup or tomato sauce to dip it in - the carb on carb action was a wee bit too much, even for me. Ryan liked it, but then he thought he was feeling nauseous. I blamed it on the pepperoni.

One of the things I appreciate about Mr. Pizza is their willingness to try new things - their mashed potato pizza is a particular favorite. This one isn't as good as the potato, but kudos for trying.

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Dragon said...

Sometimes, things sound tastier in our heads, don't they? :)