Monday, January 12, 2009

Product Review: Mo's Bacon Bar

In all of my years of online shopping, the arrival of this particular package was only overshadowed by one other purchase: The down comforter I scored from five years ago for $40, free shipping.

Mo's Bacon Bar isn't a down comforter, but at $7.50 for a full-size bar, it's definitely a luxury item. And man - it was worth the order and worth the wait.

Mo's Bacon Bar was dreamed up by Katrina Markoff at Chicago's Voseges Haut Chocolat. Markoff, a Le Cordon Bleu graduate, drew from her childhood to combine Mo's Bacon Bar - a sweet and savory concoction featuring milk chocolate, smoked salt and smoked applewood bacon.

I actually purchased two Mo's bars - one was a miniature sized one and the other a full-size bar. Exercising no restraint whatsoever, I tore into the mini one as soon as my package arrived at work on Friday. There would be no sharing with co-workers, only that one singular moment when that first bite of chocolate melted on my tongue, melting away so I could taste the bacon and salt concealed underneath. I immediately regretted not being somewhere cooler when I took my first bite of Mo.

Luckily, my second Mo experience was in a much cooler environment. I broke open the big bar at my friend Paul's house after he noticed the box sticking out of my pocket (Mo was too precious to leave in my car.) I broke off squares for Paul and Erin. Paul had the same reaction I did - absolute bliss. Erin? "Pfllf, pfllf, pflff" and washed his mouth out with some skim milk. Undeterred, I took the rest of the square he had bitten off and polished off his unfinished chocolate. No - Mo is too precious to be wasted by someone else's boy germs. :)

Ryan's email to me upon my announcement of the arrival of Mo? "That sounds nawsty." I brought a piece of Mo to my dispatcher Bill today, a wee precious square of chocolately-bacon goodness wrapped in a piece of foil (it looked like a drug transaction, to be honest) and I await his judgment on Mo.

In the meantime, I highly recommend a trip to Voseges Haut Chocolat. If you can't get there via car, go via Internet:


Erin Alberty said...

Mo's = my one positive experience w/ bacon. I actually wrote about bacon last night on my blog. I added a link to your review this morning.

Anne said...

Where's my Mo's??????

SK said...

Your Mo is still on my kitchen table. :)

christa said...

i'd still recommend trying the Goji Bar if you like sweet+slight sour+salty!