Saturday, January 10, 2009

I *heart* cooking newsletters

This is going to be a half-arsed post, but I was going through my email inbox this morning and basking in the wealth of cooking newsletters that I've subscribed to over the past year. Along with the cookbooks that I have, the cooking magazines that I subscribe to and my beloved friends who share recipes with me - these newsletters are a main source of recipe ideas. And the best part? They are free.

Here are some of my favorites:

Taste of Home - This Greendale, Wisconsin-based company is responsible for publishing the Taste of Home, Simple & Delicious, Light & Tasty magazines along with others. What's interesting about the newsletter is that they'll take the best of all of their magazines and send them in one mailing. No separate newsletters for one magazine, etc. And whereas, I usually like structure - I find recipes that I wouldn't normally receive because of this type of mailing. If you have picky family members and your food taste are more basic than gourmet, this is a great newsletter to subscribe to.

Rachael Ray is the queen of self-promotion and her accessibility makes her the queen of my email inbox. This e-letter comes from her magazine and has the whole week's worth of meals, entertaining ideas, etc.

Kraft Kitchens - another goodie if you can get over the blatant advertising (which is probably why they offer a free newsletter.) You can also score coupons if you're bent and determined on using the real Kraft products.

And finally - I'm in love with the Food Network. As you can imagine, everything that comes out of these newsletters are winners.

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