Thursday, April 23, 2009

My next culinary quest

The husband wouldn't eat Mo's Bacon Bar - methinks if I order these bad boys I'd also have them all to myself.

Why do I like bacon so much? Is it the challenge of "why the hell would you put bacon in that?" which appeals me?


A. Sundberg said...

My brother lives life following the three Bs: beer, bacon, butter. Nuf said.

hornedfroggy said...

Hi Shelley!! I'm excited to 'adopt' you! ;) Whenever you need anything, I'm just an email away... you can find the address on my blog:

Have a great weekend!! :)

Sweet Charity said...

I actually didn't dig the bacon bar.. in theory, I liked it, but I found the quality of the chocolate to be disappointing- too sweet and almost waxy. Guess I am just a dark chocolate purist.