Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Squee and Shriek

Mixers were the order of the day at the bridal shower thrown by Ryan's coworkers. I admit that I shrieked like a little girl when Ryan tore the paper off of the KitchenAid mixer. I've wanted a KitchenAid mixer for ... I don't know how long. But I shrieked. Loudly.

The top one is from Ryan's co-worker Derrick who was feeling bad after I shrieked about said KitchenAid ... the women in the group tried reassuring him that a hand mixer is just as important as a stand mixer (and probably more practical on a daily basis.)

The cat loves Derrick's mixer more ...

"What? Mommy loves the KitchenAid more than she loves me?"

Seriously though ... Ryan and I were so very touched and honored to have such wonderful people in our lives. Barb got us a Menards gift card and Terrence gave us a Target card and we were both just stunned by everyone's generosity.

And I can't wait until the weekend!

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Deb said...

Ooohh...yes those KitchenAid mixers look nice. And I HAVE the exact same hand mixer - I LOVE IT! I had to buy a new one after I burned out my old one at Christmas time. It is so quiet, and yes - easy to use on a daily basis.