Monday, April 6, 2009

Spanish Kalimotxo

It's one thing for me to uncork a bottle of red wine (regular occurence) and it's another for me to drink Coca-Cola (it's a rare treat). But what happens when you mix them together?

I went to Savers yesterday and found Joan Baez's "Diamonds & Rust" album for $1.99. Thought it'd make a good backdrop for my exotic drink.

I found this article on Rachael Ray's website and decided to give it a try. Since I had a $2.99 bottle of Tisdale left in the rack, I figured that if it tasted like crap, I could just dump the drink down the drain and drink the rest of the wine sans cola.

I was pleasantly surprised though how tasty this drink was. I did a bit of research on Wikipedia and found the origins of this drink ... it's apparently a great cheap drink that's dug in Spain.

Spanish Kalimotxo

Take a pint glass. Fill with ice. Fill half with red wine. Top it off with chilled cola.

Drink. Enjoy.


Dragon said...

Um, really? Wow! :)

A. Sundberg Siess said...

So your new husband's former coworker and I ordered this at the bar across the church the day of your wedding. And we LOVED IT! Super fun and super-scary-easy-to-drink drink! I think the local bartender was a tad scared, but it was a day of education for him. He didn't know what a beer chaser to a Bloody Mary was (however, his Bloody Mary making skills were excellent).

SK said...

Yeah - if you would have told Josh that it was something that I had found he would roll his eyes in understanding.

And yes - I dream of those Bloody Mary's. :) Josh is probably thinking to himself "damn city people!"

A. Sundberg Siess said...

Oh, we did tell Josh it was your drink ... he said nothing (didn't catch his eyes). He did, however, charge us $3 per drink. A fair price indeed. FYI - you inspired me to start my own blog as I am tried of not writing ... it is called, "So my kid ate a penny ... ." Stay tuned.